Reporting on The War: Explore Independent Media Outlets in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Featured, News

As the largest military operation in Europe since the end of World War II rages in Ukraine, people worldwide are pressed to read about the events in the region through reliable news sources. In response, The Park Center for Independent Media has compiled a list of reliable Ukrainian and Eastern European independent news outlets currently reporting on the war.



Ukrainian Outlets

The Kyiv Independent, an English-language launched by 30 journalists who left the Kyiv Post due to concerns about editorial independence near the end of 2021. The outlet has recently garnered worldwide attention for its reporting from within the capital city of Kyiv which has been under heavy attack from Russian forces.


Ukrainska Pravda, a Ukrainian online newspaper and the oldest and largest digital media outlet in the country.


Hromadske, another large national newsroom founded by a unique team of Ukrainian and foreign journalists. “Hromadske is here to fill the huge gap we’ve spotted in Ukrainian and Eastern European news. Rather than countering the mounting mistruths about Ukraine and Eastern Europe, we’re here to show what’s happening now, and to provide crucial insights into the situation.”


Zaborona, an independent media startup about social trends and culture in post-socialist countries in Eastern Europe as well as support them in reporting on issues relating to democracy, the rule of law, civil society, human rights and media freedom in the region.


Eastern Europe

New Eastern Europe: A bimonthly news magazine dedicated to covering Central and Eastern European affairs. “Our editorial philosophy is to provide a voice to the region. We maintain our independence from all of our funders and seek to print contributions that we feel best represent the region.”


Journalism group The Fix, is based in Europe and has an international focus. Their mission statement claims, “We believe that our motley, multiethnic and polyglot region has specific problems to solve – especially compared to relatively homogeneous societies of the US or even China – and thus also needs specific solutions.”


VSquare, a network of independent media outlets carrying out cross-border investigations in the Visegrad region, that is Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Notes from Poland, a grassroots social-media service rapidly grew into the leading independent source of English-language news about Poland,



Hungarian Free Press is an English-language online newspaper offering informed opinion on current events in East/Central Europe. While they focus primarily on Hungarian political news, they also aim to explore broader regional trends, as well as diaspora-related issues.


Kafkadesk, the leading independent English-language media on Central Europe an independent news website covering the latest developments from Central Europe



Insight Hungary (444) provides English language information about Hungary’s current social, political and economic environment.

United States

Read what Harvard Kennedy School faculty members and other experts are saying about the Russia-Ukraine war. From geopolitics to sanctions to the role of misinformation and cyberattacks, HKS scholars analyze the Russian invasion of Ukraine and what it means for the world.

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