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So many of us are busy trying to alleviate the pain of overturning Roe while knowing how inadequate all these piecemeal attempts are, including voting Republicans out of office! We want to embrace the importance of doing everything we can on all fronts, while not losing sight of how it is not enough for the long haul when we must acknowledge and embrace the need for abolition — of criminality and the police/ing state. We thought this statement endorsed by as many people as possible will be a step towards building consciousness and camaraderie toward abolition.

In Solidarity,

Angela Davis, Zillah Eisenstein, Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Derecka Purnell, Robin Kelley, Barbara Ransby, Cherrie Moraga, V (formerly Eve Ensler), Beth Richie, Lorgia Garcia-Pena, Paisley Currah, Sandy Grande, Barbara Smith

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We believe that the recent Supreme Court decision on abortion that overturned Roe v. Wade is a logical culmination of policing that surrounds and defines so much of everyday life in the United States. The end of Roe now permits states to criminalize all people — of all colors, backgrounds, gender identities, sexual identities, disabilities, documentation and immigrant statuses, age, and class, but it will disproportionately impact the pregnant bodies of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and exploited women. Anyone needing an abortion, medical or not, faces police, prison, and death. Abortion law then becomes the newest regulator of personhood and citizen rights.

We condemn this decision and use this moment as an opportunity to organize for liberation.

We must continue to organize to codify the right to abortion, access to abortions, and quality reproductive healthcare. We must support the reproductive justice work that has been happening for decades to prepare us for today’s reality and a better tomorrow. And finally, we must continue to fight for the abolition of an unjust state and criminal system that perpetuates and reflects the carceral logics of control and punishment. We call on all feminists, economic justice advocates, and reproductive justice activists to join in this urgent call: “Roe to Abolition!”







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