PCIM Interns to Work in Local News, Museum, Radio Station

by | May 26, 2022 | News

This summer, the Park Center for Independent Media is sponsoring several internships for Ithaca College students, including at independent news outlets, film distributors, and a museum.

Working with the New Jersey Globe, journalism student George Christopher ’23 will report on government and campaign events concerning state elections. Christopher will also assist in the production of the New Jersey Globe Inside Edge podcast, where he will research and conduct interviews with local candidates, and update the biographies of New Jersey political personalities.

Evan Miller ’24, another journalism student, will spend the summer at Juno Films. Here, Miller will undertake research and preview films for the distributor. Promotion for upcoming films will also be a primary task in writing copy and press releases; creating electronic press kits; and designing newsletters to be sent to festivals, theaters, and the educational market.

Two students will be working with WRFI community radio, helping to produce daily shows: Devon Jezek ’25, majoring in documentary studies and production, and Griffin Frechette ’23, studying journalism. Jezek and Frechette will write, edit, and record daily newscasts as well as help to produce community conversation call-in shows and other special public affairs broadcasts. They will further support the organization with updates to the website, development strategy, and promotion.

At the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York, journalism student Desiree Holz ’23 will intern with the communications department. There, Holz will assist to produce content for social media and email marketing, as well as help facilitate public relations and organize contact information data.

Himadri Seth ’23, studying economics and journalism, will be at FAIR. And working with The Ithaca Voice will be journalism student Caitlin Holtzman ’23 and Eva Salzman ’23, studying journalism and women and gender studies.

Congratulations to our interns, as we look forward to your excellent work this summer.


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